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Achuk अचूक

Loitering Munitions Achuk

Achuk is barrel launched loitering munition system capable of carrying out missions in semi-autonomous or autonomous modes.

It can be used to attack terrorist hideouts, vehicles, fuel/ammunition dumps and can also be launched in Swarms to overwhelm enemy defenses

  • 1.5 Kg payload
  • 3500m operational height
  • -20 to 50deg C operating temperature
  • 30 km strike radius
  • 15 min setup time
  • Features

Drone :

  • 1.5 Kg payload excluding electronics and optics
  • Encrypted communications with real time Video transmission
  • Multi barrel launch capability

Software Platform :

  • Object identification and tracking
  • Semi Autonomous and Autonomous modes of operation
  • Real time relay of GPS co-ordinates of targets to the Ground Station
  • Swarm capability
Achuk Uav

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