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kShip क्षिप्

Pneumatic Launcher-kShip

“kship” (क्षिप्.Sanskrit for Launch/Throw) is a Pneumatic Launcher capable of launching fixed wing UAVs of 25 kg @ 35m/sec. It has a wide & adjustable envelope of UAV mass and launch speeds. We are the first private company in India to design, manufacture and operate such a launcher.

  • 25 Kg UAV @ 35m/sec speed
  • Modular and Collapsible – Can be folded and fit in a pick up truck for easy transportation
  • Design can be scaled to launch 250kg UAVs @ 55 m/sec
  • -20 to 50 deg C operating temperature
  • 20 min setup time and 5 minutes between launches
  • Features

Launcher :

  • 6 m rail length
  • Carbon steel barrel
  • Variable inclination
  • Highly reliable launches when compared to a bungee launcher

Control :

  • Integrated with Drone’s Ground Control Station for a push button launch
  • Automatic sequence of Operation
  • Integrated sensors (Pressure, Speed etc)

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