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Pehra पहरा
  • Integrated Image recognition and AI platform
  • Object detection and identification
  • Perimeter breach Prediction and alerts
  • 10 hr endurance, 150/300 feet operating height
  • DGCA Compliant
  • Standard – Optical, IR, Thermal cameras
  • Optional – Lidar
  • Hack proof – No RF interference or possibility of Jamming
  • Single button launch and Landing
  • Works in GPS denied environments
  • Pehra
  • Features
  • Uses

Pehra is a multi purpose Tethered drone designed for low altitude long endurance surveillance missions. It is connected by a cable combining ground power & OFC data link and comes with a gyro stabilized camera payload with proprietary software platform with AI and advanced detection and tracking capabilities.

Various features like Quick deployment, ability to work in GPS denied environments and the use of Optic fiber link for data transmission makes Pehra hack proof and ideal for Military and Security applications (protection of Forward Operating bases, Borders and Strategic locations)

Drone :

  • Redundant Instruments
  • Redundant Power supply
  • OFC communication for Video and Control
  • Works in GPS Denied environments
  • “Follow me mode” option to mount on Vehicles
  • Quick deployment with minimal user intervention
  • Capability to fly autonomously

Software Platform :

  • Object identification and tracking
  • Perimeter breach detection
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Capability to run On premise and on cloud
  • Capability to handle various data formats – Audio, Video, Pictures, Telemetry etc.

Military :

  • Forward operating base surveillance
  • Border security
  • Strategic area monitoring and surveillance
  • Situational Awareness


  • Traffic and Crowd monitoring
  • Create temporary network for Cellular/Radio/Broadband signals
  • Disaster management / Emergency services

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